Children’s World School

Our school is a private school based in Benghazi, affiliated to the Libyan Ministry of Education .
The school begins to receive students in the educational stages from kindergarten to the middle stage ..
We believe that all students have the potential to achieve success and our policy in the school is to encourage and support them to achieve the maximum of their abilities. The school appreciates success and focuses on the personality of the student in an integrated manner.

Attention to practical application

In all sciences, computer, drawing, English language, mathematics, knowledge and employing knowledge in life skills

We provide them with a safe and elegant environment

Through it they can grow and progress and value the capabilities of our students as individuals.

Every student will receive help and encouragement

Who needs him to be happy, confident and eager to learn towards a prosperous future to achieve progress and distinction.

To develop their scientific, psychological, social and physical development

To develop their growth through mutual respect, self-confidence and adherence to moral values.

Principal Letter

The students, staff, and administration of the Children’s World School welcome you to our website.
We are confident that you will find the information on this site useful and that you will learn more about what makes Children’s World School a special place. Children’s World School opened in September 2000. It is home to students from Kindergarten to ninth grade.
Children’s World School has four large fields and contains facilities such as a kitchen, art room, cinema, science lab and a computer lab. 
Children’s World School has its own health clinic and administrative offices. Children’s World School has a dedicated and experienced staff, School Council, and caring and committed families.
Children’s World School is committed to providing a safe, caring, and challenging educational environment that promotes learning and achievement for all students. We recognize and celebrate the diverse learning styles, interests, talents of our students and strive to offer a rich variety of meaningful learning experiences that will inspire innovative thinkers and confident learners.
Thank you for your interest in Children’s World School. If you have any questions please contact our administrative office, at (091) 362-0984, (061) 222-6966, (061) 471-7674.
Mohamed Metgawil


Mission, Vision and Values

Children’s World school is committed to providing high quality education and environment to build a glorious generation that is creative, loyal and capable of facing challenges of the future.
Our mission is to provide a distinguished education to prepare a generation that achieves social, economic and cultural development through the quality of education and the provision of creative leadership.
Our values are honesty - respect - cooperation - perfection - citizenship - teamwork - creativity and distinction - belonging - integrity and transparency.

Stay In Touch With Us

School Address

3 Jebal Tariq St. off El Mahad El Sehi Street El Fowaihat (Belaon)

Benghazi, Libya

Work Hours

from Saturday to Thursday
8.00am – 2.00pm

Children’s World School

A National Educational and Educational School.
It Strives Towards Total Quality in The inputs and Outputs of the Educational System.

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