Primary Stage

Primary stage

The primary stage starts from the first three grades, in which it is necessary to focus on the integrative curve and where the unity of knowledge is advanced and the topic is addressed from several aspects because it forms the basis of the entire school stage and draws the features of the student’s academic achievement and so on and based on our constant keenness to achieve our goals, we are interested in these The stage is in the Arabic language, as we require every student to master this language in reading and writing and conversing in eloquent Arabic.
This is in addition to a strong commitment to inculcating desirable healthy habits, high moral values ​​and appropriate social behaviors.
We do not lose sight of the importance of the English language and its wide spread around the world, as we have adopted the supplementary curriculum series, Super Minds from Oxford as international schools study the curricula approved for the primary stage by the Ministry of Education in basic subjects in addition to their own curricula in science, Math, Computer. ).
Work at this stage is not confined to the lower grades, but extends to the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, so that cooperation and coordination between teachers of the same department takes place in the heart of the "one team" to implement the desired goals and what has been agreed upon in all classes.

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