Kindergarten is divided into several departments, each of which has its own character that will be loved by children.

The following is an explanation:

The School Yard: It is a yard equipped with large and safe games that help the child to strengthen his large and small muscles, next to it is a large yard used for the morning queue and for physical education classes.
The Library: It includes a wide range of stories in both Arabic and English, including educational, scientific and other entertaining stories, and it is a very important corner of the kindergarten for the student.
These books and stories have been arranged in small, easily accessible lockers, and the room is equipped with a manner that provides complete protection for students.
The TV Room: It is a large room equipped with a safe Arabic session and television to watch educational educational programs and entertaining cartoon ones, in which students who are not participating in the buses wait for their families at the end of the day to take them to their homes.
The Kitchen: It is the corner in which we apply the subject of the lesson if it is related to grains or vegetables ... etc., by preparing certain meals in front of the students.
Waiting Room: It is a fully equipped room in which the student waits for his family at the end of the day, accompanied by a teacher who plays with them, entertain them and read stories.
Classrooms: The classrooms are fully furnished to facilitate the educational and entertainment process and to preserve the student's personal belongings.
The Music Room: in it the student sings melodies and meaningful and beautiful meanings with his teacher accompanied by several musical instruments.

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