The Core Values of a School

The core values of Children’s World school
School beliefs and learning expectations

Core values, beliefs, and learning values:

Children’s World school is committed to providing a safe, supportive and positive learning environment, as students and workers alike are serious about demonstrating cooperation, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, and real application of skills, and we strongly believe in diverse competitive curricula that encourage criticism, innovation and the risks needed to succeed in a global society.

Social Expectations For Students Learning
Students as CWS are expected to...

  1. Act with respect, integrity, and compassion.
  2. Make informed decisions regarding the health and well-being of themselves and others. 
  3. Demonstrate responsibility for their actions.

Civic Expectations for Student Learning
Students at CWS are expected to...

  1. Cultivate their awareness of contributing to the common good.
  2. Advocate for positive change through active participation in the democratic process. 
  3. Broaden their knowledge of and respect for world cultures.

Academic Expectations for Student Learning
Students at CWS are expected to...

  1. Listen and read actively to comprehend, interpret, and analyze meaning. 
  2. Write and speak effectively with clarity and purpose.
  3. Think critically and creatively to evaluate and solve problems. 
  4. Research, examine, and synthesize information.
  5. Demonstrate real world applications of knowledge and skill. 
  6. Utilize technology and media to enhance the learning process.

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School Address

3 Jebal Tariq St. off El Mahad El Sehi Street El Fowaihat (Belaon)

Benghazi, Libya

Work Hours

from Saturday to Thursday
8.00am – 2.00pm

Children’s World School

A National Educational and Educational School.
It Strives Towards Total Quality in The inputs and Outputs of the Educational System.

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