Science Department

Science Department
Our science department strives to reach the pinnacle of success, and we believe that the science subject is the key to the beginning of all sciences and knowledge.

Our aim is “I Love science”. Our goal is to develop student’s scientific abilities and making science a smooth and enjoyable subject.
We provide scientific explanations and laboratory experiments in a special school laboratory equipped with all the laboratory tools, equipment’s and safety procedures that are suitable for our students.

The science department in the school includes an orientation office and teachers with distinguished competencies.
We teach with modern methods and link curricula with life science.

Students begin to study science from the third grade to begin our journey with and gradually open the horizons of knowledge until the ninth grade.

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School Address

3 Jebal Tariq St. off El Mahad El Sehi Street El Fowaihat (Belaon)

Benghazi, Libya

Work Hours

from Saturday to Thursday
8.00am – 2.00pm

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