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English department
Children’s World School’s Philosophy in Teaching English

Children’s World School is based on the principle that children learn best when their natural curiosity and sense of fun are engaged, and when new language is introduced in small, manageable amounts.
Our curriculums introduce language in a spiraling syllabus that gradually builds on and reinforces previously learned language.
Therefore, at each level students are able to maintain and build on the language they know.
Topics, units, and situations are both familiar and of universal appeal to children.
Students immediately relate to these situations, resulting in greater language production and retention.

Children’s World School’s curriculums emphasizes student-centered learning, as it creates opportunities for students to produce language in a manner that most closely resembles “real life” communication.
For this reason, practice and review activities involve both pair work and group work.
In children’s World school, we pay close attention to different abilities and different learning styles.

Every class is a mixed-ability class.
We see mixed ability not as a problem, but as a fact of life to which we need to respond in our teaching.
Our response in creating our English program to develop flexible materials which offer a variety of learning paths to success. 

We believe that it is important to “learn how to learn.”

We have provided opportunities for students to experiment with different learning styles and develop language-learning strategies which suit them.
We have tried to make students aware that, while they may have a preferred learning styles, they could benefit from experimenting with others.

Curriculums used for English:

Kindergarten and Reception: Jolly Phonics

Grade 1-6: English Time and English For Libya

Grade 7-8: Insights and English For Libya

Grade 9: English for Libya

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