Mathematics Department


Math Department
The Department of Mathematics is distinguished

We have outstanding Math teachers who exchange ideas and information and agree on methods that are used to give lessons in a simple way in line with all levels of students, using modern methods and means.

The Math Department aims to develop the student's mental abilities, using the method of correlation between the previous and the present.

We focus on teaching students thinking skills to reach the right solutions. We utilize collective education through students' participation, interaction with each other, classroom discussion and dialogue.

Correcting students' mistakes and help them learn from their mistakes and not simply putting a mistake mark.

We assist student by strengthening and encouraging them by providing them with support and raise their spirits.

The Math Department aims to develop the student's mental abilities.

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3 Jebal Tariq St. off El Mahad El Sehi Street El Fowaihat (Belaon)

Benghazi, Libya

work hours

from Saturday to Thursday
8.00am – 2.00pm

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